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Furious Car Driver 3D


What is Furious Car Driving all about?BLAZE through city streets at intense speeds! Illegal street racing is perfectly accepted where you’re headed! There are absolutely NO RULES! Just drive and enjoy the ADRENALINE of racing with complete ease of mind! Choose your vehicle and enjoy the wild ride! Nothing can slow you down now, unless you crash that is!
All you have to do is drive, and drive FAST!
Accelerate to blazing speeds through the city and most of all, have fun!After all, it’s just a game! You’ll perform tricks, stunts and show off your driving skills!Enjoy the ride with an amazing selection of cool sports cars!
Features of Furious Car Driving 3D
∙ Multiple race cars∙ Simple and intuitive controls∙ Amazing 3D graphics∙ A realistic and precise driving experience
You will get more than enough THRILL and entertainment!
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